Climbing Day 285

morning climbing at mitake boulders in tokyo. the boulders at mitake are very nice since you can access them via train from tokyo. taking the chuo line takes you right there and the boulders are just a few minutes walk from the train station. there are even bouldering equipment rental shops nearby so you don’t even need to bring crashpads. lol.

today’s target problem was the ninja boulder, but could not try it due to mad increase in river water.




すべり台 6級 OS

アンダー 7級 OS
名のない5級 (33) RP
名のない3級 (32) OS

モンキーカンテ 4級 RP

左 6級 OS
中央 4級 RP
右 3級 RP
右SD 2級 RP



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