last day of “Horikiri JAN”

JAN closed it’s store in Horiki on Oct.30. some close friends stopped by to share the last moments of the store. of course, JAN is not closing for good. it will re-open in Ueno, Tokyo on Nov. 13. this will probably be the last of the JAN crew sessioning in front of the store, check Kai wheeling in 360 panorama.


JAN – track bike shop in horikiri, tokyo in Japan

map’s tokyo skatepark

i went on my weekly thursday skate session at the map’s tokyo skatepark yesterday. the temperature change from day to night must have caused some dew on the ramps because they were really really slippery. so there was hardly anyone there, so i took the advantage to take some photos of the park. here’s what came out of it. enjoy!


Map's Tokyo Skatepark in Japan