kyusou + yuh + chihiro + uc = best party ever!


i went to my friend YUH‘s photograph exhibition “kyusou”‘s recpetion party friday night. Yuh is a professional skateboarder and also rides for JAN. there was also Chihiro Onitsuka, a professional singer, at the party and she and fixika sang a Happy Birthday song for Yuh, as the next day was his birthday. totally crazy! fixika singin with a super famous singer! i’m pretty sure Yuh got super stoked on the whole thing. great party, Yuh!

金曜日はJANライダー、柳町唯くんの写真展”朽飾”のレセプションパーティーに行ってきました。唯くんの写真は見た事が無かったので、実際見たときは全然想像つかないような写真ばかりで、かなりヤラレました。そして、会場にまさかの鬼束ちひろちゃん!しかも、伯爵と一緒に唯くんへHappy Birthdayソングをプレゼントするという気さくさ!これには唯くん含めみな相当あがりましたね!最高な夜でしたっ